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You focus on your patient. We'll handle the billing.

King Medical Billing provides an end-to-end revenue cycle management solution through our billing, coding, and compliance experts, with next-generation data science tools to increase cash flows and maximize payments.

Stop making the common billing mistakes and let us handle it all. Request Consultation.

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Stay Up, Stay Running, Stay Protected

Electronic Health Records

Enhance quality, efficiency and productivity with specialty tools, content and templates.

Electronic Health Records

Practice Management

Improve service quality and optimize administrative workflows for your practice.

Practice Management

Medical Billing Service

Reduce denials, increase collections and fix revenue leaks by tracking your productivity and billing performance.

Medical Billing Service

We can handle everything—from chart signed to check in hand. Find your solution


Easy-to-Use, Integrated & Customizable Billing Solutions

Experts at King Medical Billing build state-of-the-art data science tooling to find exactly the solution for your optimization needs. Small improvements, like adding a missing modifier code or following up on a few mysteriously denied claims per month, can reduce your denial rate.

Whether you are just starting your own practice or already operating a large healthcare organization, our services will be a perfect fit.

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Patient-First Practice
Patient-First Practice
Increased Profitability
Increased Profitability
Easy-to-use Portal
Easy-to-use Portal
Reduced Denial Rate
Reduced Denial Rate

Explore the Advantages of Outsourcing with King Medical Billing

Our team of certified medical billing specialists helps you boost your revenue, streamline processes and expedite collections.
Get a customized quote for your practice based on:

    • Practice specialty
    • Follow-up on unpaid claims
    • Average collections
    • Days in A/R

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Save and Grow Big with Us

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Billing Services at 5% of collections for $500,000
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Our services add a unique value to your patient care

  • Patient-First Practice

    Patients today expect convenient, digital interactions in most areas of their life. We provide that convenience with our automated messages, patient portal and call support.

  • Increased Profitability

    Bringing expertise to claims submissions & collections can be an invaluable boom to your financial performance with easy-to-read reports to track performance of your revenue cycle.

  • Reduced Denial Rate

    Integrated billing and an experienced RCM team mean fewer denials and cleaner claims. In case of a denial, our team of experts manages the denial at their end and adds another rule to our database, preventing that denial from ever reoccurring.

  • Apointment Reminders

    Smart Patient Portal offers real-time appointment reminders sent to patients through phone, text and email to make sure no appointment is wasted.

  • Eligibility Verification

    Efficient patient care service ensures the eligibility of patients in the insurance companies. We help practices significantly reduce the impact of ineligibility, and increase the number of clean claims sent to insurers.

  • Increased Collections

    Customized approach to each client’s circumstances help the practice meet its particular goals with noticable increase in Accounts Receivable collections. Our patient follow-up communication strategy has proved to be the most effective in the billing sector.

Stop wasting time on billing details. Let us help you

  • Business Operations that Grow Your Practice

    At King Billing service we aim to provide continued growth solutions to help you reach your practice’s potential. One of the best ways to bring in more business is by adding new revenue streams, such as ancillary services or retail products. At King Billing, we assist you explore possible revenue streams and consult you best options to peruse. Learn More

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