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Top ten most popular FAQs

Is the rate really 3% of gross revenue for your Expert Billing Service?

Yes. We only charge 3% of monthly gross revenue, which makes us even more aggressive in making sure you receive every penny owed!

How soon can you start?

We can be up and running for you within a few short business days.

What expenses are not included in your billing fees?

Shipping and handling costs of patient statements are not included. We send the invoices to your clearinghouse which handles all the printing, addressing, stuffing, and mailing at a bulk rate. Many clearinghouses charge less than 50¢ per envelope. We can also send them to your in-house printer. We also do not cover any third party subscription or licensing fees (ex. eClinicalWorks® licensing/monthly maintenance/servers, clearinghouse subscription fees, outside collection agencies, etc.)

Do you provide services for platforms other than eClinicalWorks®?

No. Our staff is fully trained and experienced in eClinicalWorks® to ensure the highest level of dedicated, thorough service and quality assurance.

Is the Expert Billing Service PLUS an additional 3.9% on top of the 3% for the Expert Billing Service?

No. EMR Billing Solutions will perform all of your medical billing and answer all of your patient’s billing inquiries at a flat rate of 3.9% with Expert Billing Service PLUS.

My A/R is out of control. Do you charge extra for taking on very old A/R?

No. At EMR Billing Solutions, we are happy to work your old A/R at no additional charge. We understand our competitors charge extra for fixing old A/R. This usually accounts for the large amount of hours that go into working A/R that are more than 90 days old. Typically, a medical billing company needs to call the insurance carrier to go over each claim one by one. But we won’t charge you extra for that time—it’s all part of our job.

Do you follow HIPAA?

Absolutely. All operations are conducted out of our secure office with fully HIPAA-compliant systems. We have a full-time HIPAA officer to ensure HIPAA regulations are being followed on a day-to-day basis. All of our staff is HIPAA and HITECH certified. We also execute a HIPAA Third Party agreement before we start services to assure that our services are fully HIPAA-compliant and guarantee you a level of protection.

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